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Creases & Lips

As we emerge from the GFC with a few extra dollars in our pockets, it seems women are quite literally wearing this new consumer confidence.
From natural nudes to ruby reds, lipstick is back and it's nourishing our lips like never before. The conditioning nature of lip gloss is being incorporated into new lines of lippy, keeping our smackers supple and protected.
As well as lip enhancement, our cheeks also tend to be victims of anging over time as they lose their volume and tend to sink lower in the face, giving us a more drawn out appearance. What do we do about sagging skin? Using Dermal filler to give our face more youthful, and plump appearance will always take the years off, so whether you want big lips, or high cheek bones we can help you.


Dermal Filler for Luscious Lovely Lips

Taking good care of our lips is important because they are one of the main focal points on our face. We communicate emotions and expressions through a combination of lip and eye movements.

Full, plump lips are considered feminine and sexy. The ideal lips, according to a survey of Australian women, are full, natural-looking and well-defined, with a strong Cupid's bow (the v-shaped area of the upper lip).
It is important to remember that every lip shape is different. We may not all be blessed with an enviable pout, but it is possible to enhance what we've got!
Whether your lips are naturally thin or already full, good lip care is essential for maintaining the perfect pout. The lips don't have as much natural protection as other parts of our skin. Lip moisturisers and balms act as a barrier to the harsh, drying effects of wind.

As time goes by, we may notice changes in the shape of our lips. With age, they may begin to lose fullness. Our lips may appear thinner and elongated, leaving them less defined. We may also notice the appearance and deepening of vertical lip lines around the border of the mouth. These lines are commonly known as 'smoker's lines' and develop over a number of years through the repeated pursing of lips, such as when you smoke or suck on a straw. (Findout how your lips compare from 20s to your 50s.
It is common for these changes to cause concern, however we must remember that they are completely natural.

No matter how you plan to care for your kissers, it looks like luscious lips are here to stay. So be bold, embrace colour and pucker up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do They Last?

Dermal Filling Gels will last for over 1 year in fine lines, 2 years in acne scars, 12 months in the lip borders and 3-5 months in the pink areas of the lip. The thicker versions available last approx 14-16 months in the lip borders, 8-10 months in pink part of the lips, 18-24 months in the deeper folds and over 2 years in acne scars.
Dermal Fillers should not be used on or near sites of active skin disease or infection and must be administered by, or under the supervision of, a nurse or doctor specifically trained in its use. The area treated should not be exposed to extreme heat (e.g. solarium or sunbathing) or extreme cold until the initial swelling and redness has resolved. Drinking Alcohol or exercise on the day of treatment is not recommended.

How Is The Treatment Administered?

It is a simple procedure, carried out in our consulting rooms. A fine disposable sterile needle is used to inject the gel. Treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. Lip treatments are almost painless due to a local anaestheticblock. For other areas, your therapist may recommend a local anaesthetic injection or cream to minimise discomfort (in which case you may be asked to arrive 20 minutes early to allow time for numbing cream to take effect).

After your first treatment, the therapist will want to see you again in two to three weeks to assess your results and possibly put final touches on the treatment. For wrinkles, think of it as a two-part process, with the final touches being performed at the review appointment (often, 20 percent more improvement can be achieved at this time).

What Are The Side Effects?

Dermal Fillers will not stretch your skin out of its natural shape.

After the treatment, some common injection-related reactions may occur:
Redness: 12-24 hrs
Puffiness: 12-36 hrs
Discolouration: fine and fair-skinned patients may see a greyish line through the skin at the implant site, especially if the skin is stretched.
Bruising: Uncommon, but can be up to 4 days (coverable by make-up)
Pimple/Small Blister: Only 1 in every 25 cases.
Lumpiness: Very rare. Lumps can be massaged to reduce their size.
Cold Sores: Occasionally, if the patient is susceptible to them.
Allergy reactions: Thought to be of a hypersensitivity nature, occurring in 1 in 2000 patients. Consisting of swelling and firmness at the implant site, sometimes affecting surrounding tissues. Redness, tenderness and rarely Acne-form papules or blisters may also occur. Described as mild to moderate, with an average duration of 2 weeks (treatments are available for the adverse events).


Many individuals desire to have fuller, more appealing cheek structure or wish to correct gaunt, sunken cheeks. Both of these conditions can now be treated, non surgically, by healthcare professionals with dermal fillers.

With advanced dermal fillers, medical practitioners can provide fuller, more prominent cheeks. A face that is relatively flat or two dimensional can be augmented for a more appealing, 3-dimensional look. Additionally, healthcare professionals can diminish a gaunt appearance and return a fuller, healthier look to the hollows on the flat portion of the face below the cheek bones. Correction of the cheek area with advanced dermal fillers can effect a subtle, yet dramatic, improvement in the appearance of an aging face. The technique of the medical practitioner is very important in creating a natural lift.

Depending upon the facial characteristics of the patient and personal goals, medical practitioners can give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined 'apple' effect. Patients desiring more of an apple-type cheek can ask for additional filler in the upper portion of the cheek bone area. This procedure can add or restore appealing dimensions to a flat or sagging face, non surgically.

Skin Tightening

Threads (Face Lift)

The thread face lift procedure (also known as a suture face lift, skin stitch or facial thread lift) is a minimally invasive procedure in which stitches are placed under the skin to reposition, lift and tighten droopy or loose areas of the face.

As no skin is cut away, there is no real surgery. The stitches are made of absorbable material and are located superficially under the skin. After a few weeks, the body develops a tissue reaction around the stitches, which holds the skin in its new position. Over the course of 12-15 months the sutures are fully absorbed by the body.

The basic idea behind a skin stitch is simple; the low-weight high-resistance threads have a clever method of anchoring to the facial tissue, the surgeon then lifts the sagging anatomical structures following the vectors (directions) appropriate to obtain the desired new look.

After the skin stitch procedure, your facial features will remain anchored in their new position for years to come.
We use and recommend next-generation Promoitalia threads.
These unique and patented threads are designed to gently hold sagging tissues up so as to refresh sagging cheeks, tired jaw lines and eyebrows and firm the neck.

The Promoitalia thread lift preserves the natural contours of the face, and is achieved without hospitalisation, without scarring and with a minimum of downtime. In fact, patients can begin resuming normal activities after a few days.
Next-generation Promoitalia absorbable threads have been available in Australia since 2009, and have been successfully used in many dozens of thread lift procedures. They are absorbed by the body within 9 to 12 months, while the effects of the thread lift will last for several years.

The advantage of absorbable threads is that they will not impact on any future procedures (should you wish further thread or other lifts in years to come). We also offer Promoitalia permanent threads depending on your doctor's choice of procedure. Both thread types are made from medically-researched materials that have been used for many years in conventional sutures. The threads have patented soft barbs (also known as cogs) that attach to the surrounding skin tissue to hold the skin in place and achieve the desired revitalizing thread lift effect. The cogs gently hold to the tissue as they are contoured into place complementing the natural line of the face or neck. The resulting lift is therefore achieved quickly and without any visible scars.

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