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News, Papers and Articles Relating to Cosmetic Surgery

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Science rules what we do.

Don't be fooled by the quote "I've got lots of experience in these things". One person may see thousands in a lifetime and then they have their personal bias in their own reporting (do you tell everyone your mistakes?) Research is unbiased; it involves very large numbers of people and is constantly being updated.

These papers may interest you.


Thinking Outside the Box in Marketing Cosmetic Surgery
("Frankly, what people care about is not how much you know, but how much you care. " - cosmetic surgeon, is featured on page 12 of Summer 2013 issue of Surge Magazine. )


Like A Virgin - INSIGHT
("I know that my hymens have passed inspection in Australia and overseas and not been detected." - cosmetic surgeon)

What method of sunscreen is best?

Woman disfigured after Thai boob job

The Telegraph: Want a boob job? Read this first

The Sunday Telegraph: The rise of the designer vagina

Saggy breasts? One woman bares all about her post-baby boob job

Women shouldnt have to suffer

Doctor says he's found the actual G-spot

The Rise of the Man-Boob Job

Male Cosmetic Industry Booming in Australia

Cynthia Turner, 88 uses anti-wrinkle injections for 20 years

Border's anti-wrinkle secret

How To Determine If You Need injectables For Excessive Sweating

Happy 'I do' to new-look nose

Cosmetic surgery boom in the suburbs

Brides go under the knife

Cosmetic procedures in Australia worth $1bn

A nip and tuck to get ahead

The year my voice spoke
From Wrinkle Filler to Facial Sculptor, What's New in Dermal Fillers?
The use of Hybrid Radiofrequency (RF) Device for Rhytids and lax skin
Novel Radiofrequency (RF) Device for Cellulite & Body Reshaping Therapy
Combination of New Radio Frequency device and blue light for treatment of Acne Vulgaris




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