"Any Surgical or Invasive Procedures carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner."

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Terms and Conditions

At Enhance Clinic we are always trying make our service more affordable. Dr led the way in reducing breast implants prices and thanks to increasing our capacity we are now able to offer our amazing base breast price $4999. Don't be fooled this is the same quality that you would have previously payed a lot more for.

So who would benefit from this price of $4999 for the simple breast implant?
Well you would have to have:

1.No significant breast or chest abnormalities

2.No previous breast surgery

3.Not have sagging breast, with the clavicle to nipple distance being no more that 19.5cm

4.All Implants used at this price will be silicone textured below muscle.

5.Be less that 27 BMI and in Good Health and not smoking

6.Be suitable for a safe light sedation (note: that you can take our test to see if you may be too anxious to be suitable and we can arrange a heavier sedation for an extra charge, test will be conducted in consult)

Let's just clarify, this is our base price and you can choose to purchase extras for your experience and aftercare or if you require a slightly more complex breast implant surgery our price is still very competitive at $5999.

  • Enhance Clinic - Clavicle to Nipple Distance
    The staff at Enhance Clinic walk you through how to measure the distance between your clavicle to your nipple.

Would you like more information?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to forward you some information regarding breast procedures at Enhance Clinic. I have included a detailed response because it is important that you have a thorough understanding about the options and what we are about in delivering a service to you.

Firstly, some personal advice, having your breasts done, will make you feel more feminine and confident. You will have a better choice of clothes to wear and you will get more attention. However, it will not be the thing that changes your whole life. So consider both the advantages and the risks involved. Even though it is usually a very safe procedure, you must consider all the possible risks, complications and discomfort involved.

For many women it is more than increasing their cup size. For some it is about having breasts filled again after childbirth. For others, who never fully developed or have different sized breasts, it is about being seen as a woman for the first time. In these two groups of women the possibility has to be raised that a lift may be an alternative or needed in addition.

We use both silicone and saline implants. We perform implants both under and above the muscle, with the aim of getting the look that you want. What we can do for you will be a clinical decision that will require a consultation. However, be assured that your desires will be listened to in the consultation process. Last year we performed 327 breast implant surgeries as well as many other surgical procedures. We would not be this busy unless we listened to our clients.

Our philosophy is always trying to safely get you the best possible outcome. That's why we will take a lot of time and discussion, including having information on our website, about helping you choose the right options available to you.


At Enhance Clinic we pride ourselves in wanting you to be completely satisfied with your experience with us, we want to ensure our service is the best we can make it. So we have initiated the Money Back Satisfaction System to make sure that people are 100% happy with our overall service that we have given to them. At each stage we will be asking you "Are you happy with the service that you have received from us". If you are unhappy then we will endeavor to do all that we can, or refer it up our chain of command to make you happy. If we can not do that then we will be giving you money back from what you have paid us to apportioned to how you have appropriated your unhappiness with the service that you have received.

Like with all aspects of our business, our systems are governed by our standard Terms and Conditions.

Where are we?

Our surgeries are performed at our clinic in Emu Plains, which is 55 minutes to the west of the CBD of Sydney. Trains run from the airport or you can easily drive here against the Sydney traffic and there is ample parking outside and on the premises.

Consultations are held at our clinic in Penrith, or in the CBD of Melbourne. The contact number is the same: 1300 699 433.

What happens before your procedure?

You will need to have a consultation, ether a free consultation with our nurses(Penrith only) or a charged consultation with our doctor. The doctors consultations are $200, which is payable at the time of booking. Should you cancel or not show up for your appointment, you will forfeit the payment. However, with 48 hours notice we can reschedule to a different date. We are also able to get a nurse to call you and give you detailed information over the phone, prior to booking a consult. You would need to email through some photos and measurements. Please see the below attachment on the pictures that are required.

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