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Thinking Outside the Box in Marketing Cosmetic Surgery
("Frankly, what people care about is not how much you know, but how much you care. " - Les Blackstock, cosmetic surgeon, is featured on page 12 of Summer 2013 issue of Surge Magazine. )

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  • The Matt and Jo Show
    Dr. Blackstock has spoken with The Matt and Jo Show, which is Australia's most popular breakfast program, with 649,000 listeners. (WARNING: Profanity)

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Affordable Breast Implants Surgery for Sydney

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Welcome to Enhance Clinic! We hope that you find the following information on our affordable Cosmetic Plastic Surgery helpful in your decision to undertake a change to your body or to help you with your sexuality.

"The process of Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery is not only to change your body, but to change your thought process that has been rehearsed many times over. It will result in increased confidence and self esteem that can translate into a better outlook and performance in life's events"


Contact us today on or mailto to find out more on how he can help with your Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Treatment enquiries.

  • to measure the distance from your collarbone and clavicle to your nipples
    Dr. Les Blackstock has discussed how to measure the distance from your collarbone and clavicle to your nipples to see a lift is appropriate or if your will get by implants.(WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

  • Liposuction Process
    Follow one of our patients through her amazing Liposuction results. (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

  • Before & After Photos at Enhance Clinic
    We have taken all care we can to ensure that the public can trust the truthfulness of our images. We state that the photographs have NOT been altered in any way. We confirm that the referenced procedure is the only visible change that has occurred for the person being photographed. (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT.)

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How We Can Enhance Your Body

We offer an extensive range of Cosmetic Surgery Services to enhance your shape (and function) at some of the most affordable prices in Sydney CBD and Western Sydney.

Liposuction- When exercise and diet just won't make a change. Change your shape to give you the figure you want.

Breast Implants- When your appeal is not what you would like. Want that killer cleavage?

Breast Lifting- When children and age takes its toll on your shape. Lost Breast volume due to breast feeding?

Labiaplasty- When your femininity is diminished and you have physical symptoms from your excess labia.

Vaginal, tightening and rejuvenation - when your sense of pleasure decreases.

Thread Lifts- When you want a refreshed facial look by tightening lax skin.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty-When a slight correction of your nose shape is all you need.

As well as advising on Face Lifts, Breast Reduction,


How We Can Enhance Your Skin and Facial Appearance

We have an extensive range of non surgical services for all Skin Types. If you suffer from the following ailments or conditions please call our clinic to speak to one of our consultants.

Skin Repair for Acne, Pimples, Pigmentation, Red Spots, Rosacea, Spider Veins, Redness, Scarring, Varicose Veins, Uneven Skin Tone, Skin Lesions, Sun Damage, Skin Aging

We use medical grade Obagi cosmeceuticals (only available from a medical clinic), the famous Blue Peels, Photo Rejuvenation, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Collagen Stimulation Applications, as well as the very popular Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers to treat wrinkles and enhance your Lip, Cheeks , a Square Jaw or Oval Face.

We perform near Scar less Removal of Moles and Lumps and Nose Bumps and also other nose irregularities in a non surgical Rhinoplasty. Drooping Skin on the Eyes can be treated with Blepharoplasty, sagging skin on the face and body (tummy and arms) can also be treated with non-surgical Venus Freeze Treatment skin tightening, or using minimally invasive Suture lifts, using the new absorbable Promoitalia Threads. These options are very good if face lifts are too expensive or not required due to the large risks involved.
Hair Problems can be treated with prescription only products for health, regrowth or effective and cost effective Laser Permanent Hair Reduction on more skin types in a shorter number of treatments.

How We Can Enhance Your Well-Being

Sexuality is often a forgotten part of a balanced life experience for Women. We can help women with their intimate well-being with a detailed consultation with our doctor, whose extensive work in Vaginal and Labia regeneration has flowed on to a special interest in this area. He utilises a holistic approach with consideration of physical conditions, psychological and relationship issues. Then can apply mechanical G Spot Enhancement, pharmacological, psychological and hypnotherapy as treatment modalities for Women with Libido and Orgasm or other intimacy problems.


How We Can Enhance Your Health and Help You Live Longer!

We all would like to live as long as we can, but a longer life is only an advantage if we can enjoy ourselves with vitality and being disease free. There is now scientific research on methods of slowing the aging process and increasing life expectancy. "Anti Aging" Medicine offers choices to prevent, rather than cure, illness. Using a combination of natural services with vitamins and herbal options from the fields of Naturopathy and Nutritional Studies, supported adjustments to the diet can increase vitality. Also, medically guided assessment of the natural loss of hormones can lead to adjustments, utilising bio-identical hormone supplements and replacements for Oestrogen, Testosterone and Growth Hormones. Consultations are not bulk billed, but isn't your life and vitality worth the small out-of-pocket expense.


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